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Family’s plea over speeding drivers after pet dog killed

Family’s plea over speeding drivers after pet dog killed

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

A FAMILY in Crosby have been left devastated after a ‘speeding’ motorist hit and killed their dog before driving off without stopping.

Coco, a three-year-old Peke-A-Chon, was knocked over by a van on Brownmoor Lane at around 8pm on Wednesday, September 1.

The pet had run out of the front garden after spotting another dog on the other side of the road.

A car slowed down after seeing Coco in the road, but a van carried on and hit the animal, killing it instantly, before driving away.

The family claim the van driver was speeding and want to make other people aware of how “dangerous” Brownmoor Lane  can be due to motorists driving over the 20mph speed limit.

A family member said: “A lady was walking their dog on the opposite side of the road and Coco ran across the road towards the other dog.

“This lady stopped and tried to help to contain Coco. Coco then ran back into the road returning towards home.

“A car witnessed what was happening and stopped to let the family collect the dog from the road, but unfortunately a driver who was speeding failed to stop on the opposite side of the road and hit Coco who died instantly.

“They must have been distracted as they didn’t even try to swerve. Brownmoor Lane is a 20mph road which is often ignored by drivers. The driver was going too fast to stop. They also failed to stop after hitting the dog.

“Coco was taken to the vets but nothing could be done.

“I want to highlight the dangers of Brownmoor and remind drivers of the speed limit as this could have easily been a different outcome.

“It could have easily been a child. There are so many children who walk to schools on that road.

“The speed bumps don’t deter drivers - some drive down the middle of the road to avoid them. It’s such a dangerous road.

“The family would like to thank to people who stopped to help and to all the kind words and condolences received via social media.”

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