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Teenager unable to move hopes to realise dream of playing powerchair football

Teenager unable to move hopes to realise dream of playing powerchair football

by Danielle Thompson (September 2021)

A FOOTBALL-MAD teenager who has been left unable to move due to a rare illness is asking people to support his dream of playing powerchair football.

Noah Cunningham, from Southport, loves playing for North West Bees (formerly Bolton).

The talented 17-year-old, passionate Everton FC fan who is a season ticket holder at Goodison Park, suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a life-shortening condition which has sadly left him unable to move. The inherited disorder is characterised by progressive muscular weakness, with no known cure.

Noah trains with the Bees in Bolton and Oldham, with all National League games taking place at Nottingham Trent University.

He is accompanied to games by either his mum, Vicki, or a carer. Vicki is now appealing for people to help sponsor Noah as he can continue to play the support he loves so much.

Funding is needed for a working mobile hoist, repairs to Noah’s chair, hotel accommodation and travel.

Vicki Cunningham said: “Would anybody be interested in sponsoring this amazing kid to pursue his powerchair football?

“He plays for North West Bees in the National League. All his matches are in Nottingham over a two day weekend, every two or three months.

“He goes with a carer or me so is looking for sponsorship to help pay for all repairs to his chair, petrol and hotel stays. We currently don’t have a working mobile hoist, which means he can’t transfer into his sports chair.

“We’re thinking of a business or company and we can advertise on Noah’s chair.

“If you’re interested in helping Noah to aspire to be the footballer he would love to be, then please contact me.

“Noah loves his football, which is why I am so desperate to help him. The Bees train in Bolton and Oldham.

“All National league games are at Nottingham Trent University. He is still a season ticket holder at Everton FC, even getting to some away games too now!

“Noah uses a ventilator overnight, and can’t move to do anything at all for himself.

“But he’s the most amazing, positive person I know! He never lets anybody get him down.

“He’s always looking for something to work towards.

“Throughout the Covid lockdown, which was very long and strict for us, he taught himself Spanish from his phone, and has downloaded 36 books this year, he’s reading about history and politics!”

If anyone help, please contact Noah’s mum, Vicki Cunningham on Twitter – her handle is @CunninghamVicki

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