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Yobs causing havoc and shouting abuse at McDonald’s ‘left customers in tears’

Yobs causing havoc and shouting abuse at McDonald’s ‘left customers in tears’

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

GANGS of teenage yobs intimidated  families and threatened  staff at a McDonald’s restaurant in Ormskirk last weekend.

There have been multiple reports on social media of youths verbally abusing people, throwing food and acting in an anti-social manner at the fast food chain on Two Saints Retails Park.

Police say that some parents were so worried that they moved upstairs “for fear of their children being harmed.”

A mum, whose daughter works at the Ormskirk branch, posted on social media to say she had “the worst shift ever” and that some people in McDonald’s were left in tears.

She said: “My daughter works there and said this weekend she had the worst shift ever due to the teenagers who have been causing so much trouble.

“They were throwing food around the restaurant and when they were asked to leave, they were just causing so much havoc, shouting unnecessary comments to her whilst she was working.

“She said people were crying and very upset at the actions of them when the police turned up.

“One teenager took a swing at an officer which led to an arrest.

“When I go to collect my daughter they run around the cars as if to try and intimidate.”

Another social media user posted: “We’ve witnessed it first hand and the staff can’t do a thing to stop them so they need the police to help them. Stamp it out quickly.”

A further comment from another person reads: “We were there the other week and one of the kids on a bike ran in to a parked car, no doubt causing damage that the owner would have had to pay hundreds to repair.

“Why should we have to take this? It needs stamping out.”

Inspector Danny Clough wrote on Ormskirk and Rural West Lancs Police Facebook page: “There have been a number of anti-social incidents at McDonald’s in Ormskirk.

“There is very good CCTV footage to identify those involved and we intend to take appropriate action when this is done.

“If your child frequents this area or you know they are here with friends, I would urge you to ensure they leave the location immediately before any arrests are necessary.

“The youths involved are reported as teenagers and have caused families in the restaurant to move upstairs for fear of their children being harmed which is abhorrent behaviour.

“Please help us to ensure your child does not force their own detention in police custody.

“If the issues continue, we will publish the pictures over social media to speed the identification process up.”

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