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Former drug addict turns life around by setting up ‘healing’ beach community

Former drug addict turns life around by setting up ‘healing’ beach community

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

A FORMER drug addict who turned his life around has been helping hundreds of others by holding meditation and yoga events on Crosby beach.

Mark Cowell, 31, from Hightown, is very open about his past struggles, which includes battling drugs and alcohol addiction, as well as depression and suicidal thoughts.

He wants to support others who are experiencing similar issues and has organised a range of community-based activities over the past few years, such as a litter-pick in every postcode area of Liverpool, donating to foodbanks, setting up a homeless outreach team, a walk up Mount Snowdon and free meditation classes for children.

Another way he is helping people is mass meditation and yoga sessions on Crosby beach. Mark describes them as a “weekly community practice” and is aimed at helping people with anxiety, depression, addiction and many other mental health issues.

Mark told the Champion: “I was depressed, suicidal, wrapped up in crime and I had abandoned my children and my family. I suffered PTSD from an accident where I was in a boat that capsized and I nearly drowned so I had a lot going on.

“When I felt suicidal I walked to the local train station bridge where I would just stand there crying looking over the top of the bridge contemplating life.

“I would never bring myself to jump because I always had visions of my children during this process - instead of continually going left to the station I would turn right too the beach.

“This is when I started watching sunsets and getting connected to nature.”

Mark believes by visiting the beach, particularly during sunsets, it can improve mental health.

He added: “I continued to spend time down the beach and I eventually got some knowledge and understanding about how we are all energy we are all a frequency and we all have the ability to heal ourselves through nature.

“I knew there was another way out for me and that was to get connected to Mother Nature and become more conscious and more aware about energies and the people I was around. That is why it’s important for people to unite, and have a collective support network in the city.”

To find out more about Mark and his events, visit his Instagram pages: @awakenedsoulsevents and @onamissionmc 

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