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Marcus hopes to inspire others to donate blood after his 400th donation

Marcus hopes to inspire others to donate blood after his 400th donation

by Henry James (September 2021)

A MAN from Skelmersdale, who has recently completed an incredible 400 blood and platelet donations, has acted to reassure people that despite the Covid pandemic the process is safe, and he is encouraging others to come forward.

Marcus Hart believes the more the process is promoted, the better the chances of increasing the number of donors, and added demand remains high.

He said: “I have recently completed 400 blood and platelet donations and had noticed that more donors have come forward from friends and family to donate when I had chatted to them about this.

“I was very pleased that this happened but thought it might be worth encouraging others to come forward as well, who may not have done so before or who have not donated for a while.

“It is so important as it can save someone’s life. It also gives a great feeling of giving something back to others at their time of need and it’s relatively easy to do.

“In addition it is worth mentioning it is safe to donate even with the Covid pandemic as all the relevant procedures are in place when donating.”

Marcus started donating blood 25 years ago at Ormskirk Civic Centre after seeing a poster at work asking for blood donors.

He added: “After donating whole blood for a few times, I was told I had a high platelet count and would I like to become a platelet donor.

“I didn’t know what platelets were at the time, but found out they were tiny fragments of cells made in the bone marrow and released into the blood stream in the same way as red blood cells.

“Those with leukaemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment. Also after major surgery or extensive injury patients may need platelet transfusions to replace those lost through bleeding.

“Platelets can be donated more frequently than whole blood.

“More recently, I have reverted back to whole blood and have donated at the DW football ground in Wigan and more recent donations have been at Tanhouse Community Centre.

“I’ve come across so many wonderful donors during that time, many who have donated a lot more times than I have and just feel it’s worth getting the message out to increase the awareness and huge importance of doing something that can be a life saver for someone.”

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