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Renewed maintenance programme could tackle underpass flooding

Renewed maintenance programme could tackle underpass flooding

by Henry James (September 2021)

A RENEWED maintenance programme for subways in Skelmersdale could be on the way after county councillors, Julie Gibson and John Fillis, recently welcomed Lancashire County Council cabinet member for highways County Cllr Charlie Edwards, to Skelmersdale to see for himself the issues with the flooded underpasses.

Cllr Edwards said he will now ask for a full report “with a view to restoring a renewed maintenance programme.”

Cllr Gibson said: “At the most recent Full Council I raised a question with Cllr Edwards about the continued problems with the flooding of the underpasses in Skelmersdale.

“Residents dread the onslaught of rain particularly with the increase in flash flooding that we now have. “Often, we find many residents have to cross busy roads to go about their business or get their children to school, because the underpasses are blocked and cannot be accessed. This leaves them at the mercy of busy road and oncoming traffic.”

Cllr Fillis said: “We were able to raise a number of issues with Cllr Edwards such as the speeding traffic in Up Holland ward and the rest of the area and we discussed the possibility of deploying the new speed matrix signs across West Lancashire to encourage drivers to slow down.

“We also discussed the on-going work around the Skelmersdale railway station plans and we are pleased Cllr Edwards has agreed to come back to view the site when we have the latest announcement from Government.”

Cllr Edwards responded: “It was a pleasure to visit Skelmersdale and meet with the local councillors and I was pleased to see at first hand the extent of the problem with the underpasses in the area.

“We have an on-going issue with the drainage system in Skelmersdale particularly as the system is at full capacity and struggles to cope with 21st century drainage problems.

“I have asked the officer team to complete a full report on all of the issues with a view to restoring a renewed maintenance programme once the report is complete.”

Cllr Fillis and Gibson said: “These issues won’t be fixed overnight but it is important that we have started and will continue an on-going dialogue with the Cabinet Member who has promised to keep us updated with any developments.”

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