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Sierra Leone children graduate high school with charity’s support

Sierra Leone children graduate high school with charity’s support

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

TWO youngsters from Sierra Leone, who were supported by The Waterloo Partnership, have graduated high school.

Five years ago, Ebola caused thousands of deaths throughout West Africa and left many children orphaned.

The 2013–2016 outbreak of Ebola, centered in Western Africa, was the most widespread outbreak of the disease in history and caused major loss of life and socio-economic disruption in the region.

Due to the generosity of donors from Waterloo and Crosby, the Waterloo Partnership was able to help some of the abandoned children.

The charity found out last week that two of the children, Abu Bakarr and Augustine, graduated from their local high school.

Abu said: “Waterloo Partnership has helped me with my education by paying for my school fees and supplying me with uniform, shoes and books. They have also supplied me and my new family with food supplies. With my accounting background I would like to work in a bank. I wish to thank the Waterloo Partnership for their support towards my new family and life.”

David Moorhead, a Waterloo Partnership Trustee, added: “We are immensely proud of Abu Bakarr and Augustine for graduating from high school. After everything they have gone through, they have carried on with their studies and proved to be strong, hardworking individuals.

“It was a pleasure to help them. Many thanks to all our donors. We wish Abu and Augustine and all school leavers, here in the UK and in Sierra Leone, all the best for their future plans. There are still other Ebola orphans  in school that need help. You can always donate via the website- waterloopartnershio.co.uk  

“We are a small local charity here in Waterloo and Crosby and are so grateful for all the support we receive from the community. Their generosity and compassion have been amazing.”

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