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Frenzy at the pumps!

Frenzy at the pumps!

by Danielle Thompson (September 2021)

MOTorists fuelled by fear of their tanks running dry have been rushing to fill up their vehicles at pumps across the borough.

Long queues of drivers at garage forecourts have been seen all over Sefton since the frenzy to fill up began on Friday, September 24 following reports of fuel restocking disruptions due to an ongoing shortage of HGV drivers.

In scenes reminiscent of shoppers racing to the supermarkets to stockpile food items and toilet rolls at the start of the pandemic last year, some drivers were even photographed filling up numerous jerry cans in a desperate bid to hoard petrol.

One scene of a motorist at a Southport forecourt frantically attempting to fill a car load of cans - as well as his own vehicle - even made the national press!

By the end of the weekend, garages across the borough had run dry, with increasing numbers of forecourts fenced off with signs, traffic cones and tape.

The initial reporting of HGV driver shortages leading to petrol issues has been criticised after a piece of confidential information in a cabinet meeting was allegedly leaked, sparking the panic-buying.

Many motorists shared their sombre attempts to refuel across social media platforms, with many reporting petrol stations across Sefton had closed pending the arrival of more tankers. Some complained they were unable to drive to hospital appointments, get to work or take vital supplies to loved ones.

There is, however, better news on the way with forecourts restocking and a clear message to motorists that there is simply no shortage of fuel - so no need to panic buy!

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