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Artist creates piece for Critical Care Unit

Artist creates piece for Critical Care Unit

by Danielle Thompson (October 2021)

SOUTHPORT  Hospital’s Critical Care Unit  recently received a beautiful piece of artwork created by local artist Mandy Bevington. 

The work shows two people holding hands, with the word ‘welcome’ in several different languages stitched all around. 

The art aims to represent the incredibly caring nature of the staff at the Unit, where Mandy’s Mum was cared for two years ago, as well as the diverse nature of the local community. 

Mandy, who has just graduated from University of Central Lancashire with a First in Textiles, was delighted to present her work to the hospital. 

She said: “The Critical Care Unit in Southport and  Ormskirk Hospital cared for my own Mum, so it was a privilege and an honour to unveil my commission.

“Mel Pinnington, the Clinical Educator in Critical Care at Southport & Ormskirk NHS Hospital Trust, asked me to design and make this textile piece. The holding of hands is an important symbol for the staff and patients.

“I then hand stitched ‘welcome’ in different languages to represent the diverse multidisciplinary team that work on the unit and the diverse nature of the local community.”

The artwork was created following meetings between Mandy and Mel. 

Mandy said: “Mel and I sat down and we had a really good conversation about what she wanted.

“The design where there are two hands is quite sentimental for me because my Mum was in the Critical Care Unit two years ago. You spend a lot of time holding people’s hands, and that’s what Mel said, you spend a lot of time holding people’s hands, so she wanted me to represent that, the caring element that you have at the Critical Care Unit. 

“So we got together, we sat down, we did some drawings together on the iPads and we came up with the design that you can see on the wall today, which is appliqued, machine-stitched and hand-embroidered which works really well and it comes across, it gives you the right sentiment, and that is what the aim was.” 

For more details about the artist Mandy Bevington, visit her Instagram page (mandy.bevington.designs)

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