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Labour group call on Starmer to apologise for writing article in The Sun

Labour group call on Starmer to apologise for writing article in The Sun

by Henry James (October 2021)

LABOUR Party leaders in West Lancashire are calling on Sir Keir Starmer, to make an “instant and public apology” for writing an article for The Sun.

The newspaper is boycotted by many in the North West for its coverage after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

A letter, signed by West Lancashire Constituency Labour Party secretary Cllr Gareth Dowling calls on the leader to give: “An instant and public apology to the people of West Lancashire, Merseyside and beyond for the absolute hurt, pain and heartache you have caused by taking this action.

“This apology should be made in person here in the North West – put yourself to the people at St George’s Hall and try to convince them you are actually someone of integrity, compassion and capable of leading this Labour Party.

“Commit, in clear writing – an actually stick to – never, ever engaging with this rag again.”

In the letter, they also write to “express our utter disappointment, frustration, upset and disgust at your action.

“The Labour Party has for decades been united with the people of West Lancashire, Merseyside and beyond in its opposition to the scum rag which you have chosen to write in.

“What makes this latest massive error of judgement is that it directly reneges on your 2020 leadership vow to not engage with the publication.

“While today the Labour Party is campaigning on Tory trust issues on social media, we now have a clear trust issue presented to us with our very own Labour Party leader.

“As a previous head of the Crown Prosecution Service, can you in all honesty claim to not understand the hurt caused by this publication, and the continued and repeated hurt you have now caused in our communities?”

Rosie Cooper MP added: “I’m shocked by Keir Starmer’s decision to contribute to the S*n. He owes an apology to every person affected by the Hillsborough disaster and the families of the 97 people that died, for failing to recognise or respect the pain that this rag caused them.”

In the piece in The Sun, Sir Keir criticised Boris Johnson over the “chaos” over the shortage of HGV drivers and the damage it had done to the country.

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