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Coastguard looking to recruit more volunteers

Coastguard looking to recruit more volunteers

by Tom Martin (October 2021)

HM Coastguard are recruiting for new volunteers to join the Coastguard Rescue Service in Crosby.

There are currently opportunities for volunteers to become Coastguard Rescue Officers in a number of Coastguard Rescue Teams in the North West of England and North Wales.

Coastguard Rescue Teams are made up entirely of specially-trained and equipped volunteers who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to a wide range of emergency incidents, including people needing help in the water, mud rescues, helicopter operations and on missing person searches.

Officers can be called out in all-weather conditions and may have to work in hazardous situations as well as carry out physically demanding tasks.

This past summer and with a rise in people visiting coastal hotspots and holidaying in the UK, the teams have been very busy responding to incidents at the coast.

Andy Peacock, senior coastal operations officer for HM Coastguard in North West England and North Wales, said: “Our coastguard rescue officer volunteers are at the heart of absolutely everything we do in delivering our dedicated search and rescue service along the UK’s coastline.

“Our volunteers play a vital role in serving and supporting local communities in which they work and live – helping to keep people safe in coastal areas and also by assisting our emergency service colleagues and partners such as the RNLI and independent lifeboats.

“We’re encouraging anyone who is interested in volunteering with us to get in touch and we are looking forward to welcoming new volunteers into the Coastguard Rescue Service in the near future.”

For those keen to join the Coastguard Rescue Service and volunteer – send a note of interest via e-mail to area15@mcga.gov.uk by October 31, including their name, age, current address and contact number.

Importantly, people should specify that they want to join the Coastguard Rescue Team in Crosby.

Once all details are received, a member of the Area Management Team will send out an application pack as soon as possible.

For further information about what it is like to be a volunteer, visit: https://www.gov.uk/volunteer-as-a-coastguard/what-to-expect-as-a-volunteer.

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