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Larger bins on way at litter hotspots

Larger bins on way at litter hotspots

by Danielle Thompson (October 2021)

LARGER covered bins are to be placed at ‘hotspots’ across the borough’s parks and coastal locations by Sefton Council in a bid to tackle littering.

Open top 80-litre capacity bins which are currently in place at 48 locations, will be replaced with larger 120-litre capacity bins with a covered top.

Sites that will benefit from the new bins include Crosby Coastal Park, Bowersdale Park in Seaforth, Amos Square Park in Litherland, Seafront Gardens in Waterloo and Bootle’s South Park and Derby Park.

Some of the new bins will feature a bright yellow top so that they are easier for people to spot when using those spaces.

The Green Sefton department at the council is responsible for managing more than 500 bins across 121 sites and is using a successful bid for funding to target locations with high footfall and those that have historically been affected by nuisance littering.

A total of £22,358 in UK Government funding has been awarded to the Council under the Resource Action Fund to help support its important work to improve the ‘binfrastructure’ within litter-prone hotspots.

Cllr Ian Moncur, cabinet member for health and well-being, said: “Our aim here is to target key sites where we regularly see bins reach capacity.

“We’re also targeting areas with high levels of footfall where aimless littering often affects our communities who rely on these spaces.”

Council officers will monitor the impact of the new bins and it is hoped that they will reduce littering levels in some of the borough’s most-used outdoor spaces.

Larger capacity bins may also help to reduce the frequency that they need to be emptied, freeing up officer time to carry out essential maintenance across other popular visitor locations.

People are also reminded that littering is a criminal offence and can ultimately result in a fine for those that continue to flout the rules.

Anyone witnessed dropping litter by a Civil Enforcement Officer can be issued an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice of £75.

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