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All-weather court plan for tennis club set to be approved

All-weather court plan for tennis club set to be approved

by Henry James (October 2021)

PROPOSALS to change the set-up of courts at Aughton Lawn Tennis Club have been given the go-ahead by the council.

The club is set to reconfigure three of its grass courts to create two all-weather surface courts in order to allow year-round play.

The planned changes were approved by West Lancashire Borough Council last week.

Non-members will be allowed access to the club on Granville Park, while it will also be open for potential members with a disabilities.

The plans were passed despite concerns over the loss of trees and the installation of eight new floodlights in the conservation area

Objection have been raised from residents who have raised concerns about a reduction in biodiversity such as bats, owls, squirrels and birds due to the removal of mature trees.

There have also been concerns about the height and light pollution from the new floodlights and worries over increased traffic in the area.

Aughton Parish Council also raised concerns over parking.

In the planning documents for the application, officers at West Lancashire Borough Council stated that reconfiguration of the tennis courts to all weather pitches, “will have no significant impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

The planning documents state that while the loss of trees along the northern boundary could lead to a “loss of visual amenity” the development is “acceptable and the scheme provides for replacement tree planting which would ensure that any impacts are successfully mitigated.”

When looking at the impact to residents of the proposals, officers “do not consider” the noise generated from the increase footfall will cause “significant nuisance” to nearby residents to lead to a refusal.

The officers added that they do not think it would be “reasonable to justify” a refusal on highways grounds.

A Drainage Strategy has come to the conclusion that the development would not result in an increased flood risk to the site.

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