Skelmersdale U3A faces closure if it can’t find new members

Skelmersdale U3A faces closure if it can’t find new members

by Henry James (November 2021)

A LIFELINE for older people in the borough is in danger of being wound up because it can’t find new members.

Now, in a bid to survive, Skelmersdale U3A has sent out an urgent SOS warning that if it can’t find new members then the organisation will have to close.

Skelmersdale U3A recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, but its future now looks uncertain.

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The U3A is aimed at attracting older people, many of whom have retired and it gives them the chance to make new friends who share the same interests.

The Skelmersdale group was formed in 2011 and encourages members to participate in leisure, social and educational activities.

They are a small voluntary organisation where retired and semi-retired people of all ages, skills and interests meet for “friendship, mutual interests and hobbies in order to prove there is a third age to life after middle age.”

The secretary of the group, Deborah Reardon, commented: “We want people to help save our group.

“It is sad news there is serious danger that, yet another social community group is about to fold unless we can attract new members.

“Skelmersdale U3A recently celebrated its 10th anniversary but is now on the brink of closing its doors for good. Covid19 cannot take all the blame. Skelmersdale U3A’s difficulties are a combination of a membership that is 10 years older plus a decline in gaining new members. The U3A movement has a lot of strengths one of which is the ability to create small, focused groups.”

The U3A allows people who have an interest in gardening, travel, rambling, or just postage stamps for example to meet up. Deborah added: “The U3A allows people to meet up with others with the same interests.

“You can do it for just two hours, or one day, or weekly or monthly or annually for as long as you and the group want. All the groups are self-financing. Costs range from £1 upwards to cover the group’s costs only. This makes the costs very attractive, plus we are a very friendly lot.

“If we are not able to attract more members soon, there is a very strong possibility Skelmersdale U3A will fold at the end of the year. We believe in learn, laugh, and live – join us.”

The group will be celebrating Lancashire Day at their next meeting Thursday, November 18, at 2pm in the Ecumenical Centre.

For more information call 01695 729998, or visit

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