Donuts are left for police after officers attended incident

Donuts are left for police after officers attended incident

by Henry James (November 2021)

POLICE found an unexpected tasty treat left on their patrol vehicle after dealing with an incident in Abbotsford.

Officers who attended were surprised to see a bag of donuts waiting for them on the windscreen of their van!

They were called to the area on Wednesday, November 3 at about 1pm and discovered the donuts when they were about to leave the scene.

The delighted officers wrote on the Ormskirk and Rural West Lancashire Police Facebook page: “We’d just like to thank the kind person that left a bag of donuts on our windscreen while we were dealing with an incident on Abbotsford in Ormskirk today - they were delicious and gratefully received; especially as lunch for us had been considerably delayed by this incident!”

In the messages following the post, the thoughtful person who left the donuts came forward, and wrote: “You’re welcome!

“Glad they were still there when you returned to the van, and hadn’t blown away!”

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