Port aims for net zero emissions by 2040

Port aims for net zero emissions by 2040

by Tom Martin (November 2021)

PEEL Ports has committed to becoming a net zero port operator by 2040, ten years ahead of the government’s national decarbonising targets.

The leading port operator, headquartered in south Sefton, claim they are the first major port group to commit to such ambitious plans towards tackling climate change.

However, campaigners from Save Rimrose Valley are questioning why Peel Ports would support National Highway’s plans to build a new dual carraigeway through Rimrose Valley Country Park if they want to improve the environment.

By the end of this year, Peel Ports aims to have 50% of its vehicle fleet replaced with electric cars, with the remainder in place by December 2022, and is currently undergoing trials of greener fuels and electric alternatives for the future of its operational machinery and equipment.

Peel Ports say they have invested more than £1.2 billion across the last decade on sustainable infrastructure and technology to future proof its operations including the delivery of energy efficient cranes, LED lighting and choosing sustainable, low emission equipment and suppliers.

Mark Whitworth, CEO of Peel Ports said: “Our ports provide critical infrastructure as the UK’s gateways for food, medical, energy and fuel supplies. It is therefore important that as a responsible business we incite positive change in the UK’s logistics market to tackle climate change

“We understand and acknowledge our responsibility to minimising the environmental impact of our operations for the benefit of the planet, while also ensuring the smooth continuation of the supply chain.

“Our vision for the future of our business, our people, our customers and our communities is ambitious.

“Ultimately, our net zero plans will work towards achieving long-term sustainable growth that has a positive impact on the environment, as well as regional and local economies for generations to come.”

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