Pupils hold prayer vigils to mark importance of COP 26 climate summit

Pupils hold prayer vigils to mark importance of COP 26 climate summit

by Henry James (November 2021)

PUPILS at St Bede’s Catholic School, Ormskirk, organised two ecumenical prayer vigils to recognise the importance of the COP 26 climate conference.

Climate scientists say the conference represented possibly one of the last opportunities for the nations of the world to ensure that the Paris Agreement of 2015 results in meaningful global action, to ensure that global warming is halted.

The vigils aimed to offer people the opportunity to take time out of their day to stop, reflect, and pray at a time when crucial decisions were being made.

The pupils worked with members of the environment group from St Annes Church and prepared the prayers and reflections which were based upon the four key goals for COP 26.

They included countries providing more ambitious climate plans, adaptation measures to protect the environment, agreeing on finance to support poorer countries and agreeing a rule-book to guide their future collaboration.

As part of the vigil, individuals were also asked to reflect on personal environmental pledges they could make; as a symbol of their commitment, hessian ribbons were tied on a pledge tree in the grounds of St Anne’s Church.

A spokesperson for St Bede’s Laudato Si Environmental group stated: “We understand how important these talks are and we desperately want to see leaders and diplomats united in their determination to address these goals and move forwards.

“In addition to the practical steps we can take as individuals to protect our environment, we also recognise the power of prayer in the successful outcome of the conference.

“Our prayer service was an ecumenical event and so we extended our invitation to all churches in the area.

“It was really lovely to see so many people coming together as one family.”

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