MP who complained about ambulance delays told she has to wait up to 40 days for a response

MP who complained about ambulance delays told she has to wait up to 40 days for a response

by Henry James (November 2021)

WEST Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has once again hit out at North West Ambulance Service after being told a complaint she made about delays to treat patients could take up to 40 days to get a response.

The Champion reported earlier this month how the MP was critical of NWAS after an 88 year old man was left in the road waiting for an ambulance for almost three hours after falling, injuring his head.

Now, Ms Cooper claims it is “not just the emergency transport side of NWAS that are slow”, as she has been told that she will have to wait up to 40 working days for a response to a letter of complaint she wrote to the NWAS CEO on October 29.

A spokesperson for NWAS said they are simply following their complaints procedure.

Ms Cooper said: “It looks like I am waiting as long for a response as I am for an ambulance in West Lancashire!

“This letter shared details of another disgracefully long wait for an ambulance, this time an 87 year old woman who waited six hours! And now NWAS want to take two months to explain what went wrong.

“Constituents need timely responses to their complaints, but more importantly they need timely ambulances in the first place!”

A North West Ambulance Service spokesperson responded: “The Trust did receive a complaint from Rosie Cooper’s office and, as per our complaints procedure, an acknowledgement was sent the next day. A further update was issued on November 9 advising that the complaint was being processed within a target time frame of 40 working days.

“All Trust complaints are given a risk score, taking into account what is needed for a full investigation, talking to third parties or organisations, the complainant is then advised of the expected time frame which can range from 20 to 60 working days.”

Following our article last week, resident David Horrocks wrote to the Champion and to defend the ambulance service.

He said: “Where are the ambulances when someone needs one?

“I will tell you, on route to a higher priority job, helping someone less fortunate, on route to hospital with a patient, or stuck at A&E unable to hand over for hours and unable to  leave  to get back out and attend another job.

“They are under funded and under resourced and these front-line heroes need support not slamming by our MP .”

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