Badge of honour for pupils who improved environment

Badge of honour for pupils who improved environment

by Henry James (November 2021)

CHILDREN in Ormskirk have been awarded with Blue Peter Green Badges after doing their bit for the environment!

As part of St Anne’s Catholic Primary School in Ormskirk’s ‘We are Eco Warriors’ Summer Term theme, the children in Year 2 studied environmental issues such as recycling, waste and how plastic affects beach and sea life habitats.

To acknowledge their hard work, their teachers made a class application for the Blue Peter Green Badge.

In order for the children to apply for the badge they had to make three pledges to reduce and help: Power, Plastic and Plants and carry out their pledge at home for two weeks.

Many of the children tried to save power by turning off their electrical devices or swapping screen time for outdoor time.

To raise their awareness of the importance of recycling, many of the children helped their parents to sort the household recycling.

Both at home and in school, they planted pollinator friendly plants to encourage bees and butterflies to thrive.

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