New Thunderbolt ride to offer spectacular views of resort

New Thunderbolt ride to offer spectacular views of resort

by Tom Martin (November 2021)

A NEW 260 metre long rollercoaster will be built at Southport Pleasureland, bosses at the resort attraction have confirmed.

The ride, shown as ‘Thunderbolt’ on images released by Pleasureland bosses, is designed to fit along a long narrow plot of land within the site and will be placed right next to Marine Drive to offer “spectacular views” of the seaside.

As the height of the ride is 35m, it required planning permission by Sefton Council, which was granted on November 15.

The planning application states: “The location is within the Pleasureland site and will allow spectacular views out to the beach to the west and to the east towards Pleasureland, the Marine Lake and Southport town centre

“Pleasureland Amusement Park has been contributing significantly to Southport’s reputation and leisure offer since 1913 and brings more visitors to Southport than any other leisure offer.

“This new ride will enhance the offer and improve the reputation of Pleasureland helping to draw further visitors to the town. It is located within the grounds of the amusement park and the principle of the attraction is therefore established.”

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