MP believes more needs to be done to protect Maghull from flooding

MP believes more needs to be done to protect Maghull from flooding

by Henry James (November 2021)

Bill Esterson MP has repeated his call for investment in flood defences in Maghull during Flood Action Week.

The Sefton Central MP said that while the Environment Agency campaign to raise awareness of flooding and what to do in the event of a flood is welcome, the government should be taking more action to prevent floods.

Mr Esterson said the government's own figures showed £1.7m was needed for work to Dovers Brook that would reduce the flood risk for thousands of people in Maghull.

Severe flooding was only narrowly avoided in January of this year during Storm Christoph, when a breach of the embankment at Lunt Meadows saved homes further downstream from internal flooding in the nick of time.

Mr Esterson said: “It is Flood Action Week this week. The clue is in the word, ‘Action’. There is one thing the government could take action on and that is the work needed in Maghull now to reduce the risk of flooding for my constituents.”

Mr Esterson has written again to Environment Minister Rebecca Pow to ask that the government make the funding available.

He added: “I met with the Minister, Rebecca Pow, in June and I have written to her again to reiterate that people in Maghull need this flood prevention work now, or it is only a matter of time before the risk of severe floods comes again.

“The government says it puts the safety of people first.

“If that's true, the government should make sure people in Maghull have a safe place to live.

“The Government knows there is zero chance of the flood defences being paid for by other organisations because of government cuts.

“The only way for the funding to be available is if the government takes the action it says it is committed to taken and supports flood protection measures, like those needed for Maghull. The costs need to be met by the Government.

“On the night of Storm Christoph everyone could see how close Maghull came to a catastrophic flood.

“Some residents have shown me their homes, which they can't sell because no one will buy them because of the flood risk. Those people live in fear every time it rains.

“The government must release funding to build flood defences at Dovers Brook and protect everyone from having their lives upended by a flood.”

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