MP backs call for Hillsborough Law

MP backs call for Hillsborough Law

by Henry James (January 2022)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson has backed the Hillsborough Law Now movement.

Politicians, including two prime ministers, and bereaved relatives were among those who gathered on Friday, January 7 to call for a Hillsborough Law.

This follows the ITV drama which looked at the life of Anne Williams (played by Maxine Peake), whose son died in the disaster.

Hillsborough Law calls for a change in the justice system, so other people do not have to experience what the victims’ families went through.

Mr Esterson posted on social media: “Over the years I've come to know a number of family members from Sefton Central and from elsewhere. People like Barry Devonside, whose son Christopher was killed. Paul Robinson, whose brother Stephen was killed. Anne Williams, whose son Kevin was killed.

“Sadly of course Anne died before the second inquest finished and sadly Paul's mum Rose, died just last year.

“I've also met some of those who were injured and many people who were witnesses.

“All have impressed on me the appalling way that the dead, the families, the survivors were vilified and smeared by elements of the media and the authorities instead of being supported.

“The cover ups, the failure at the first inquest, the time taken to overturn the findings and hold a fresh inquest, the injustice that no one will ever be held accountable for the unlawful killing of 97 people.

“The fact that other public disasters have seen a failure to support families and survivors.

All point to the need now more than ever for this change in the law to support those affected when disaster strikes.

“There is a vote this coming week on an amendment by my Labour colleagues on legislation in the House of Lords to introduce a Hillsborough Law.

“I hope that the government will accept our amendment. If not, I will fully support efforts to put the Hillsborough Law onto the statute book.”

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