Officer thanked for helping couple in their ‘hour of need’

Officer thanked for helping couple in their ‘hour of need’

by Henry James (January 2022)

A POLICE officer who helped an elderly woman from West Lancashire with a heart condition has been praised for being there in her ‘hour of need’ while she was on a vsiit to Nottingham.

PC Sam Warren went to her aid when he spotted the woman and her husband who were on a visit to struggling to climb a hill in Park Row, in the city centre.

The kind-hearted officer got out his police car and asked if they were OK. The husband said his wife had become unwell and was at the point of collapse.

PC Warren offered to take them to hospital but instead they asked to be given a lift to their son’s address so that she could rest. The officer helped the lady into his car and drove them to their son’s flat, where he helped her into the property.

Impressed by his act of kindness, the husband wrote to Nottingham Police Station, where PC Warren is based, to thank him for his compassion and help. The couple also sent him a Christmas card.

In the letter, the husband said: “I don’t know what may have become of us” had PC Warren not stopped his car and come to their aid.

It added: “My wife is now recovered and we are eternally grateful to him.”

Recalling the incident a week before Christmas, PC Warren said: “I was driving at the back of the police station and could see the lady was struggling for breath and was leant against a signpost.

“I wound down my window and asked if they were OK. The husband said his wife had a heart condition and was unable to continue up the hill.

“I asked if they wanted a lift or if I could take her to the hospital. She didn’t want to go to so I gave them a lift to their son’s flat, which is where they were staying as they weren’t from Nottingham.

“They said the flat was at the top of a steep hill, so I gave them a lift. I helped her into the car and made sure they got inside the flat OK.”

Although it was a small act of kindness, PC Warren said it demonstrated an important part of policing that often goes unnoticed by the public.

He said: “People think police just go around arresting people, but there’s a lot more to the job than that.

“We’re not just there to investigate crimes, we’re there to help people.

“I would have done it for anyone because it was the right thing to do.”

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