Save Rimrose Valley group ‘snubbed’ by transport minister

Save Rimrose Valley group ‘snubbed’ by transport minister

by Danielle Thompson (January 2022)

CAMPAIGNERS opposed to a road being built through Rimrose Valley to the port claim they have been snubbed by the government Transport Minister, after they asked her to consider alternative solutions.

The Save Rimrose Valley action group wrote to the minister for transport Trudy Harrison MP to highlight concerns over the environmental and social impacts of the proposed Port of Liverpool Access Road, which would be built through the popular country park.

It asked for her intervention to promote a non-road solution to port access, which is currently being pursued by Sefton Council.

But the group say her response was to delegate the matter to the department’s strategic roads division.

Save Rimrose Valley campaigner Stuart Bennett said:  “We wrote to the Minister in good faith, asking for her help.

“We did so because her responsibilities include decarbonising transport, the environment and the future of freight.

“All these things have a direct link to our situation and should have offered a perfect opportunity to engage with us.

“We were staggered to find that this was deferred to the very people whose responsibility it is to deliver road projects and nothing else.

“Their starting point is that the road proposal is a done deal.  They cannot entertain the thought that they are pursuing the wrong solution, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Why would they?

“They aren’t paid to do so. Asking them to reply to our letter is the equivalent of getting them to mark their own homework. It is infuriating.” 

 MP Peter Dowd, who supports the search for an alternative link and was copied in on the letter to the minister, said: “Yet again, a response to valid concerns expressed by worried residents and campaigners about ploughing up vital green space is dismissive and patronising.

“Both Transport Ministers and National Highways really do need to engage with the deep and well-founded concerns of residents about a proposed scheme which is at least 20 years out of date given the challenges we are all facing through climate change.”

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