MP calls for Johnson to resign after he attended a Downing Street party during lockdown

MP calls for Johnson to resign after he attended a Downing Street party during lockdown

by Henry James (January 2022)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson is calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after he admitted attending a Downing Street party in May 2020.

Johnson has been heavily criticised after revealing he did attend ‘Bring your own booze’ parties in the garden of 10 Downing Street in summer 2020 – as the UK public faced strict social distancing rules.

Mr Esterson said: “Yesterday Boris Johnson’s defence was he didn’t know whether he had attended a party. Today he says he attended but didn't realise it was a party. Boris Johnson has been sacked twice before for lying.

“The public know he is lying now and they know he is taking them for fools. He is unfit to be Prime Minister and he should resign.

“If he won’t resign, his MPs must get rid of him. Otherwise they are culpable too by defending his lying.

“I had constituents miss their own children's funerals, care home residents unable to see loved ones and often not understanding why, people dying alone, families unable to see sick relatives in hospital, new mums coping alone in the early days and weeks of motherhood, unable to draw on the support of friends and family.

“While the country were making these enormous sacrifices, Boris Johnson’s own top team were having a bring your own booze party at No10 and Mr Johnson was there alongside them apparently ‘gladhanding’ them which could hardly be called socially distanced.

“Boris Johnson repeatedly claimed that no rules were broken in Number 10 but the truth is out. He lied to the public. He attended this party, he must resign and I would expect Damien Moore MP to join me in calling for Boris Johnson to resign."

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