The Royal was ‘a madcap adventure’

The Royal was ‘a madcap adventure’

by Pete Rimmer (March 2022)

The Royal written by Lindzi Germain and Angela Simms

Royal Court Liverpool

WHAT could be so funny about a play telling the story of the closure of a hospital and the loss of the working environment for so many people and a place where memories have been made.

Most of us have at some time been to a hospital and I have to say I have never found it a humorous place. However in the hands of the company of actors at the Royal Court it turns into a most hilarious and moving comedy.

Written by Lindzi Germain and Angela Simms, who are also the main characters in this crazy somewhat farcical world of the last days of the old Royal Hospital in Liverpool. With only a couple of patients left being looked after by the tea lady, a mortician and a nurse who isn’t really a nurse, her only qualifications being that she watches hospital soaps every day on TV, so of course knows all the answers.

Unusually the play starts with Lindzi Germain wandering in to the auditorium to tell us about how the play came about and introducing the other actors Lynn Francis, Joe Matthew –Morris, Danny O’Brian and Alan Stock. It makes a great start to the action and is followed by a very funny and surprising show.

The set design by Mark Walters was exceptional and the first half closing scene is unexpected and very dramatic. The sound and technical aspects of the play should be given much credit for the many surprising things that happen they have even managed to have what looks like a real fire.

Mrs Llewellyn played by Joe Matthew-Morris is a really funny character who lies in the bed for most of the play but somehow manages to create havoc.

A madcap adventure, which was very well directed by Cal McCrystal and sees the Royal Court continue to find the funny side of Liverpool life.


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