Dogs found tied to bush

Dogs found tied to bush

by Tom Martin (April 2022)

TWO dogs were rescued after they were found tied to a bush at the side of a road in Ince Blundell.

The dogs, described as ‘bull breed’ were spotted on East Lane by Vikki Ferguson who, by chance, works at nearby animal rescue centre, Freshfields. She believes the dogs were abandoned and they are now being looked after at Freshields.

She said: “The dogs had clearly been well-cared for - they are an un-neutered male and female. The female shows signs of having had litters previously.

“We are not taking any rehoming enquiries until we have more information about their ages and background. We don’t know how these gorgeous dogs came to be in the sad situation of being abandoned in the road.”

Deb Hughes, communications officer at Freshfields, added: “We know many people are struggling in this very harsh economic climate.

“We would say to pet owners: if you are feeling desperate, please contact us before taking the risk of abandoning your pets in this way. We might be able to help point you in the direction of other rescue centres, or perhaps work with you to try and keep your pet in the home.”

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