Mum  with tragic past wants to help others with their mental health

Mum  with tragic past wants to help others with their mental health

by Tom Martin (May 2022)

A CROSBY mum whose brother, sister and cousin all took their own lives wants to make it her mission to help other people with their  mental health.

Sabrina Dunbavin, 43, will join more than 50 other people for a walk up Mount Snowdon in July as a way to show that “we are not alone” and promote the vital message that support is out there if anyone needs it.

Sabrina has been taking part in charity walks for a number of years following the deaths of three of her close family members to suicide.

She said: “My sister had her own little problems but not to the extent where we thought she’d take her own life. She was the life and soul of the party - and then we lost her.

“My brother was the same - well educated, smart, but he and my cousin as well must not have been able to see a way out. We had a big family so the support would have been there if they reached out and held on a little longer but sadly they couldn't.

“People feel like they’re on their own and can’t see a way out but I just want people to know if they reach out they can get help.”

Sabrina has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder for most of her adult life after her partner was murdered when she lived in Belfast in 1998.

She said: “Grief is traumatising and it’s sometimes difficult to see the end but you've just got to accept it and carry on pushing through.

“I sometimes wonder if other people know how hard it is and how low I can go - but then I come back and think about my children who I love dearly. I do everything for them. My children, my husband and my grandson keep me going.”

Three years ago Sabrina started doing fundraisers for Mind - a charity which support those suffering with their mental health.

Sabrina will walk up Mount Snowdon with a number of groups including staff from Olsen House school in Crosby.

For more information about Mind, visit the website:

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