Friends to embark on mercy mission to Ukraine border

Friends to embark on mercy mission to Ukraine border

by Tom Martin (May 2022)

TWO friends are urging people to support their mercy mission to help victims of the war in Ukraine. 

Jenna-Rose Maldini, 29, from Southport, and Peter Hutcheon, 26, from Burscough, are planning to travel to the border of Poland and Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid for refugees fleeing the brutal conflict. 

They have set up an online fundraising page as they look to raise enough money in order to take across as much supplies as they can to give to families who have been forced to flee their homes.

Jenna-Rose and Peter have been friends since they studied Criminology and Sociology at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.

Jenna-Rose said: “Peter reached out and asked if this was something I wanted to do? We want to do all we can to provide humanitarian aid. They just need our help. 

“We want to be able to go over there and to make a difference to families who need it.”

The friends have already travelled to eastern Europe to offer them help when they went on a mercy mission on April 17.

Jenna-Rose said: “We headed out as independent volunteers to the Ukrainian border in Poland, we spent three days there and helped as much as we could. 

“After our experience, we both decided that we wanted to go back and help even more! 

“Thousands of families are crossing the border for safety to Medyka daily, with very little possessions or places to stay. They are guided to Przemsyl where a huge Tesco has been hollowed out and turned into a centre. They wait on cots while travel and accommodations are secured.

“Since I returned home I thought over all this experience and my heart is set on going back and giving all the help I can!

“One thing I noticed the last time we were there was that we didn’t see many NGOs (non governmental organisations). There were lots of volunteers there though. 

“We looked to find some volunteer charities to go and support. It was so hard. There is lots of stuff that we just don’t see on the news back in the UK. 

“There were lots of families there that turned up and they just didn’t have anything.”

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