Laura takes anti-knife message to Parliament

Laura takes anti-knife message to Parliament

by Tom Martin (May 2022)

AN anti-knife campaigner from Formby was invited to Parliament to speak with politicians about how a ‘bleed control kit’ can help save the life of a stab victim.

Laura Hughes established her ‘In Memory of Colin McGinty’ - a #kNOwknifecrime’ initiative after the death of her brother, Colin McGinty, who was stabbed in Bootle in 2001.

She is also a campaigner for KnifeSavers, which aims to empower people to deal with bleeding caused by knife injuries through bleed control kits, an education programme, and a step-by-step app.

Bleed control kits are  similar to first aid kits but include trauma dressings, gauze, chest seals and tourniquets to help stop serious bleeding.

Laura said: “We met with various MP’s from across the different political party groups and we were able to demonstrate the amazing life saving training of how to stop someone from bleeding to death with and without a bleed control kit.

“The trauma doctors from KnifeSavers were able to show in real time what you should do if you are faced with an emergency situation when someone is bleeding.

“This really is invaluable life saving training that is a proven method of saving someone’s life!”

One of the MPs who Laura met up with was Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson.

He said: "It was amazing to see Knifesavers  in Parliament. I am so proud of Laura Hughes and consultant Nikhil Misra for promoting bleed control kits to save the lives of stab victims, road traffic accident victims and so many more people.

“They are doing a brilliant job putting the kits into communities across Merseyside and Cheshire, not least in Formby with parish council funding.

“Loads of pubs and restaurants are taking the kits. Remember, bleed control kits help stop someone from bleeding to death while waiting for an ambulance.

“If you know somewhere that could have a kit, let KnifeSavers know.”

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