Able’s life transformed after ‘miracle’ fundraising effort

Able’s life transformed after ‘miracle’ fundraising effort

by Henry James (June 2022)

A MAN with disabilities from Maghull has ‘miraculously’ achieved his goal of raising £20,000 to buy a motorised standing device - and his family have thanked Champion readers for their support.

Able Sharp, 25, who was brought up in Maghull but now lives in Devon, had created a gofundme page earlier this year to raise funds to buy specialised equipment to improve his health, mobility and independence.

Able had contracted meningitis and septicaemia at the age of 21 months, and the following brain damage left him with spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, bone deformity and epilepsy.

His uncle, Frank Sharp, who lives in Maghull, said: “We are absolutely delighted to report that Able has miraculously just achieved his £20,000 goal.

“We are incredibly indebted to the Champion for highlighting his inspirational journey in overcoming a lifetime of profound adversity.

“We are aware that many donations came from Champion readers and others in his new Devon home, most of whom had never met him but generously empathised after reading his story.”

Able was fundraising for a Tek RMD, a motorised standing device.

His mum Alex said: “When I showed the total, he was totally beaming and delighted!

“I was literally shaking and crying with the realisation that we’re actually there!

“Receiving this enormous open-hearted generosity and care from every single person who has donated and supported Able has been life transforming for both of us.

“Since sharing Able’s story just over a couple of months ago we've been overwhelmed with pure, loving enthusiasm, offers to help all around us and a genuine, joyful wish to invest in Able and his future.

“We’ll carry the spirit of all this human kindness in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

“One Tek RMD is secured for Able! As soon as it can be delivered and fitted we'll post an update on this page and a film of Able whirling around free! With absolute and infinite thanks to each and, Able will be independently standing on his own two feet!

“Able will be out and about in his Tek RMD very soon!”

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