by Tom Martin (June 2022)

A YOUNG mum from Crosby who was diagnosed with incurable cancer has launched a national campaign to get brain scans included as part of regular check-ups.

Katie Enell, 29, said her “world came crashing down” in June last year when she was told she had breast cancer that had spread to her liver and bones.

The restaurant manager responded well to treatment and she was given a huge boost last month when doctors told her that the cancer was stable.

However, after experiencing dry eyes, a stinging left eye and blurred vision, Katie said she had to “push” to get a bran scan, which revealed a tumour on her left frontal lobe.

Katie said as a stage 4 cancer patient, she is offered a scan every three months to monitor her cancer, but this does not include a brain scan.

She is now campaigning for this to change and wants all patients with stage 4 cancer to be offered full body scans.

Katie, who has a seven-year-old son Theo, told the Champion: “The thing I am the angriest and upset about is the fact that we will never know if the brain tumour was there from the beginning.

“I want to fight for the right for cancer patients to have brain scans to prolong our lives.

“Even though my breast cancer is incurable, it is treatable and there are so many medications or treatments that can help to prolong my life and all I want is the chance to live as long as possible.

“This isn’t much to ask for. The only reason I can think of why we don’t get our brain scanned is due to money. I can’t think of any other reason that all our scans are from the neck to the pelvis.

“I want to make a change and I want to see the change before I die. I am fighting to be heard and I will continue to try and make a change within the NHS and what scans we get.”

Katie posts on Instagram regularly about her cancer journey and campaign. Her page is at:

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