Sean, 9, scoops national award for creating app to help his younger brother

Sean, 9, scoops national award for creating app to help his younger brother

by Tom Martin (June 2022)

AN inspirational nine-year-old youngster has won a national award for creating an app with the aim of helping his autistic younger brother communicate.

Sean Porter was initially asked to produce a mobile game as part of a primary school project, but chose to create an app to support his six-year-old sibling Adam instead.

His younger brother was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and he rarely communicated verbally, but he is now finding it much easier thanks to the new ‘Speak with Sean’ app.

It works by using pictures and sounds that allows Adam to communicate what he wants and needs.

The heartwarming story led to Sean, whose family live in Southport, being nominated for a Child of Britain 2022 award, held every year to recognise the most inspirational youngsters in the country. More on page 3

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Sean was delighted to win the Young Leader category and he was presented with his award by Eamonn Holmes at a recent ceremony at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, in London.

Sean said: “I knew that if I didn’t develop this app, then I don’t know anyone who would think of it. It feels absolutely amazing. I feel wonderful.”

‘Speak with Sean’ was specifically designed for children who are non-verbal to help them communicate.

As every child is different, the app has been designed to be user specific to each child and to their own wants and needs.

Sean continues to look for ways that he can support his brother and others utilising his technology skills.

He wishes more people would design technology with the purpose of helping others, rather than for a monetary incentive.

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