School of Rock is a ‘musical for all ages to enjoy’

School of Rock is a ‘musical for all ages to enjoy’

by Henry James (July 2022)

THE young cast are the stars of School of Rock The Musical.

Throughout the show they play their own music and are encouraged by an enthusiastic Dewey Finn (Jake Sharp).

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show is currently on its first UK and Ireland tour and is at the Liverpool Empire theatre this week.

Fans of the film, starring Jack Black, will know the story.

Dewey pretends to be his flatmate, Ned Schneenbly (Matthew Rowland) and starts working at the posh Horace Green school.

Instead of teaching his class, Dewey decides to start a band and the pupils are the band members.

He decides all the pupils roles in the band in the memorable song, You’re In The Band. The youngsters show real talent here, and sing, act, and play their own musical instruments as well.

The pupils have been learning classical music, but Dewey teaches them about rock. It is through playing rock music that the young people are able to express themselves.

Jake Sharp is perfectly cast in the role, and you can tell that the youngsters are enjoying performing with him. There is plenty of witty dialogue between Dewey and the pupils, and the book for this musical is by Julian Fellowes, who was behind Downton Abbey.

Another catchy tune in Act One is If Only You Would Listen, which the pupils sing as they feel their parents are not hearing what they have to say.

The principal of Horace Green prep school, Rosalie Mullins (Rebecca Lock) is strict, but is a secret lover of rock music. Rebecca performs an excellent solo rendition of Where Did The Rock Go? in Act Two.

School of Rock The Musical can be seen at the Liverpool Empire until Saturday (July 9). There was a mass evacuation of the theatre for a “false alarm” at the end of the first half during the press night, but the show carried on when it was confirmed there were no issues to safety.

This is a musical for all ages to enjoy. 9/10.

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