Adventurous duo complete ‘Escape from Skem’ dare!

Adventurous duo complete ‘Escape from Skem’ dare!

by Henry James (July 2022)

THE manager of Skem Men-Aces disabled football club and his friend have successfully completed their fundraiser to travel from Skelmersdale to Land’s End in just 24 hours.

Carl Eaton, 59, and Peter Walsh, 60 escaped from Skem dressed as convicts, with no money, food or water, and in wheelchairs, and managed to get to their desired destination, and used one hackney, eight trains, and two buses.

Carl said: “We used much muscle power. We had plenty of ups and downs during the 24-hour challenge, but the biggest challenge was hit when we were trying to get home as there are limited trains running on the Sunday.

“We got really emotional and couldn’t hold back the tears at Land’s End. The generosity of complete strangers kept them hydrated during the blistering heat, and a variety of cafes made sure they were well fed. We couldn’t thank them enough.

“We landed in Plymouth at 2am and felt vulnerable until we managed to bunk into a hotel reception lobby to rest our aching backs and we went off with a full belly for the final leg. Luckily, we had no punctures or accidents.”

This challenge was set to raise funds for Skem Men-aces Disability Football Team and Carousel music and dance group to bring dance and movement to adults with learning difficulties.

Carl added: “The Skelmersdale Community and beyond were amazing. With the help of a boy band called Ison Boy, and Gary Ferguson, the boys got the journey started with a sing-song in the local shopping centre. People waved their goodbyes while the music played.”

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