Council masterplan for park ‘misleading’ says campaign group

Council masterplan for park ‘misleading’ says campaign group

by Tom Martin (July 2022)

CAMPAIGNERS who oppose the ‘Orrell Mount Park Masterplan’ claim it is “misleading” - because nearly all of the proposed upgrades would require additional funding.

Sefton Council held a recent consultation on its plans for the Litherland park, which includes the creation of a £1.2million artificial football pitch on the main field.

However, residents from Friends of Orrell Mount Park say this is the only part of the plan that has been backed with funding, with the bulk of that money coming from the Football Foundation.

All the other park improvements as part of the ‘masterplan’, which includes new pavilion gardens, a nature trail, upgrades to the existing play area and the pavilion brought back into community use, have no funding.

Campaigners claim it was therefore misleading for the council to include all these features in the recent consultation, which closed on July 22.

A key part of the consultation was a glossy artist’s impression of how the park would look once all the improvements are carried out. Within the consultation documents published by the council, campaigners are keen to highlight the following: “The Orrell Mount Park Masterplan proposes to introduce a new 3G football pitch for which funding is available.

“The overall masterplan and park improvements would form a second phase of development and be subject to the identification of the necessary resources.”

A spokesperson for Friends of Orrell Mount Park said: “The artist’s impression and reference to a masterplan for the site, leads people to believe that the wonderful additions illustrated and described, will be installed.

“But in fact the only funding available and the only plans drawn up, are for the artificial 3G pitches, changing rooms and 15ft high fencing.

“Everything else would be ‘subject to identification of necessary resources.’

“Neither the refurbishment of the pavilion nor any of the other wider ideas in the masterplan are connected to this development. This is a flawed consultation process.”

Friends of Orrell Mount Park are against the plan because they claim it will “take away precious green space from the community who use it regularly.”

Should the 3G pitch be built, it would be managed by Jamie Carragher’s JC23 Foundation.

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