MP backs ‘button battery’ campaign

MP backs ‘button battery’ campaign

by Tom Martin (July 2022)

SOUTHPORT MP Damien Moore has pledged to work with the Harper-Lee Foundation to raise awareness of the dangers of small ‘button batteries’ to children.

Last year, two-year-old Harper-Lee (shown, below) tragically passed away after swallowing a button battery at her home in Stoke-on-Trent.

The toddler had been able to easily remove the battery from a remote control at her home and suffered fatal internal injuries.

Mr Moore recently met with Harper-Lee’s mum, Stacey Nicklin, who is campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers to children of small button batteries through the Harper-Lee Foundation.

The charity works with Government, battery manufacturers, retailers, educators, charities, and health professionals to reduce the risk to children of accidents and death from the ingestion of button and coin batteries.

After discussing the issues with Stacey in person, Mr Moore signed the “button battery pledge” to raise awareness of the risks associated with button and coin cell ingestion in Southport. He is now asking families, schools, and local groups working with children to learn more about the dangers of button batteries, where such batteries can normally be found, and what to do in the event of ingestion.

Mr Moore said: “Sometimes a small piece of awareness can save a life. I recently met with representatives of the Harper-Lee Foundation in Parliament to discuss the work they do, especially among young families and organisations working with children, to increase awareness of the risk to children from small batteries.

“The Foundation was set up to provide a lasting legacy following the death of Harper-Lee Fanthorpe, a child who accidentally swallowed a small button battery and tragically died.

“ It is only through greater understanding that we can help prevent further tragic deaths and injuries, and so I really do encourage everybody to learn more about the Harper-Lee Foundation's work.”

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