New book explores history of football and rugby in Southport

New book explores history of football and rugby in Southport

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

A NEW book has been published exploring the history of rugby and football in the Southport area between 1872-1889.

The Town’s Game has been penned by Daniel Hayes and includes results, with line-ups wherever available, for Southport Football Club, Southport Olympic, Southport Wasps, Southport Hornets, Southport Wanderers and Southport Recreation, between the years 1872 and 1889.

The book traces the lineage of Southport Football Club and Southport Rugby Football Club back to the very beginning and provides a forensic examination of the origins of these sports in the town towards the end of the nineteenth century.

It tells the story of a game that began as an unassuming winter pastime for a select few but underwent a fascinating evolution to become Southport’s most popular leisure time activity.

Daniel became the creator and editor of the first Southport Football Club website in 1996 and held a number of voluntary roles with the club, including press officer, in the years since.

He has worked as a Business Analyst in the Financial Services industry since 2005. His analytical mindset lends itself to research work and in 2019 he started the Southport FC Former Players Association to help promote the history and heritage of the club, and to recognise the hundreds of players that have made their contributions, big or small, along the way.

The same year the Former Players Association launched the Southport FC Hall of Fame.

After spending a number of years researching the very early years of Southport Football Club he contributed a number of articles to the club’s match day programme, club website and to the Former Players Association’s website, but decided that it was perhaps about time he wrote a book!

The book is available to purchase from Amazon now.

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