Angry motorists say chippings on resurfaced road are damaging their cars

Angry motorists say chippings on resurfaced road are damaging their cars

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

ANGRY motorists claim the recent resurfacing works on the Coastal Road has led to loose stones being ‘sprayed’ onto their cars and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The main road linking Formby to Southport was closed last week and when it reopened the following day, it was covered in loose stones on both lanes. 

It has been reduced to 20mph due to an ongoing ‘skid risk’, but the majority of vehicles have still been travelling the usual 50mph.

Two drivers have got in touch with the Champion to claim they have been left with a hefty bill after other vehicles travelling past them sprayed stones onto their car.

One person claims it caused £500 worth of damage to the side doors and bonnet, while another person had to have the entire windscreen replaced due to a large crack.

Sefton Council say the “loose aggregate” will soon “disappear” over time, but motorists claim it is too late for them.

Kat, who lives in Southport, told the Champion: “I was going at a safe speed because of the surface and this van overtook me and pelted my car with all these stones.

“I went to a garage and they quoted me £500 for the repairs. I contacted the van company and they just said to go to my insurance.

“I don’t know why the roadworks has been done like this. My windscreen could have shattered and caused a major accident.”

A Sefton Council spokesperson said: “As is standard with works of this kind, reduced speed limits and associated warning signs are in place in accordance with national standards. These measures combined with the regular mechanical sweeping and traffic soon causes any loose aggregate to disappear.”



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