Social group for lonely men set-up in Southport

Social group for lonely men set-up in Southport

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

A SOCIAL group for men has been set-up in Southport to help combat loneliness.

Andy Steel, from Churchtown, has launched Blokes@2 after experiencing his own troubles with social isolation.

The 68-year-old wants to find line-minded men to meet up every fortnight in local pubs to have a chat and enjoy each other’s company.

They meet at 2pm – hence the name Blokes@2 – and if anyone is interested in joining they can email or visit the Facebook group Blokes@2.

Andy said: "When I worked in the civil service, we used to get together for a pint and natter. Telling tales of experiences and colleagues, both good and bad, but generally enjoying the sharing of times gone by.

“I don't see them anymore and many of my friends have passed away. Sadly, when friends depart, for whatever reason, your social circle gets smaller until eventually, there’s nobody left to spend time with to have a chat.”

“It came to me that there must be loads of Southport blokes out there who are in the same situation. Memories and funny anecdotes to share but nobody to share them with.”

“This group is for men only. The reason being is that there are a lot of women-only organisations who cover this already, but, as far as I can gather, apparently nothing for men.”

Andy said that members of the group had told him recently that without the group they would not have found a social circle.

He said: "Two of our members came from down south and were new to the area. One told me that if it hadn't been for the Blokes@2 group, he wouldn't have met anybody.

"A lot of people don't have anybody to socialise with. If you want to join some groups you have to pay a membership fee or abide by the rules of a committee. In our group there is none of that; I'm the venue organiser and that is as far as it goes. There is no subscription fee or membership rules, it is just a method of men being able to socialise."

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