MP Moore to host public meeting ‘for people to share their concerns on unwanted cycle lanes’

MP Moore to host public meeting ‘for people to share their concerns on unwanted cycle lanes’

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

A PUBLIC meeting will be hosted by Southport MP Damien Moore for people who are against the controversial cycle lanes in the town.

The MP says the meeting on Saturday, August 20 is for residents and visitors to the town who “share my concern” over the cycling lanes, which many people claim has harmed local businesses.

He added that those in attendance will be given an opportunity to share their thoughts on how the community can “come together to have the scheme removed once and for all.”

Sefton Council recently printed a notice in the Champion to inform locals that they intend to continue with the existing  cycle lanes  - despite their unpopularity - currently installed on Tulketh Street, Wesley Street, Hoghton Street and Chapel Street.

The local authority introduced the cycle lanes during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and claimed it encouraged more people to cycle, which is better for the environment.

MP Moore says that there is “overwhelming public opposition” to the lanes because it replaced on-street parking.

He said: “At a time when Southport is rebuilding from the pandemic, removing vital on-street parking and littering our town’s streets with bollards is not the answer.

I’m hosting this meeting to give residents and businesses the opportunity to share the impact the cycle lanes have had on them, and to provide an update on the way forward.

“I’d encourage everybody who shares my concerns with the town centre cycle lanes, the Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme, and the plans to extend the lanes across the town, to come to the meeting so that we, as a community, can determine a way forward.

“Everybody knows of my resolute opposition to Sefton Council’s cycle lane plans, which have been detrimental to businesses and residents in the town centre.”

The public meeting will take place at Holy Trinity Church, on Hoghton Street, between 1pm and 2.30pm, with people being asked to arrive for 12.45.

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