Scary side of resort explored in new book

Scary side of resort explored in new book

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

SOME of Southport’s spookiest and scariest stories have been explored in a new book which the writer says ‘uncovers the town’s supernatural forces’!

David Jenkins, who describes himself as a ‘psychic empath’, has  self-published his first ever book called ‘Supernatural Southport’. Th book explores a collection of spooky stories from the resort.

From devil dogs to underground worlds, David claims that Southport is “rife with the supernatural”

He told the Champion: “Southport is steeped in history which I find fascinating. It’s a Victorian holiday destination with legends going as far back as the Vikings.

“Mysterious stories are everywhere from the Birkdale Palace Hotel to the tale of Ralph’s Wife and the lane of her namesake. ‘Supernatural Southport’ almost wrote itself with such intriguing details that exist of the area.

“Apart from the known, or should I say infamous stories, I wanted to also research more personal accounts of local people that also seem to live side by side, and some it must be said quite comfortably with spooks!”

David also told the Champion how he had his own brush with the supernatural while living in London.

He said: “Being a psychic empath the supernatural has always been a part of my life. Whilst living in London I discovered my home was host to a number of spirits, poltergeist activity rife both day and night throughout my three years residing there.

“After doing some research on the property I learnt that the building had suffered a fire in which three people died. Servants that had inhabited the attic rooms which had been converted into my flat.”

The book is available at a number of bookshops in the town centre, or alternatively email 

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