Year long traffic monitoring ahead of Rimrose plans

Year long traffic monitoring ahead of Rimrose plans

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

A 12-month traffic monitoring exercise will be carried out by National Highways ahead of its plans to build a new road through Rimrose Valley Country Park.

In a rare ‘update’ published online by National Highways – the last being in November 2021 - the government-owned company revealed it needs to “update our traffic modelling” following the pandemic.

This means carrying out a year-long project to gather traffic data “on and around” the A5036.

It also said a start date for the work won’t be provided until after this exercise is completed.

National Highways first revealed its road plan in 2015

It wants to create better links between the Port of Liverpool and Switch Island and believes it can be done by building a new road through Rimrose Valley.

The Save Rimrose Valley action group are still campaigning against the plan, whilst some residents who live near or on the A5036 say the new road is wanted because it will ease congestion.

In the update posted online, National Highways state: “As businesses and their staff adopt new ways of working following the pandemic, more people work from home more often.

“However, although commuting habits seem to be changing, the volume of traffic on our network seems as high as ever.

“At the time of our last update, National Highways was working to understand the impact of the pandemic on the scheme.

£Changes in trade patterns following Brexit, initiatives like the Freeport, local employment and commuting habits since the pandemic struck in early 2020, are also likely to have had a significant impact. 

“An important part of developing our scheme design is modelling how our proposals affect traffic on and around the A5036. We need to update our traffic modelling to take account of the impact of all these changes and will be working closely with Liverpool City Region partners to do that over the coming months.”

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