Historic find at building site in Crosby Village!

Historic find at building site in Crosby Village!

by Tom Martin (August 2022)

A MEDIEVAL well and 17th century pottery has been uncovered at a building site in Crosby Village.

Plus Dane Housing are in the middle of a development at the former Central Buildings site, where they are building 39 apartments.

But before work could begin, the site had to undergo an archaeological investigation to identify anything of historical significance.

A team of archaeologists in consultation with Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service found items including pieces of pots dating back to the 17th century, along with some Victorian pottery and what was thought to be a medieval well.

The site is located in what would have been the heart of medieval Crosby, and it was initially thought the well was St Michael’s Well - a central location with a name that remains to this day - as marked on maps from the time.

One of Plus Dane’s Neighbourhoods Team, Steven Horton, is also a local historian. He researched the area’s historic maps and old newspapers to find out more about the area and now believes the well they found was likely for the private use of the landowner, rather than St Michael’s Well which was communal.

Work on the new apartments is now underway.

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