Cleaning work at United Utilities site results in return of dreaded ‘Parbold Pong’

Cleaning work at United Utilities site results in return of dreaded ‘Parbold Pong’

by Henry James (August 2022)

THE borough’s MP Rosie Cooper has once again had to raise concerns with United Utilities, after residents reported a return of the dreaded ‘Parbold Pong’.

People living in Parbold and the surrounding area have repeatedly had to deal with this unpleasant smell coming from the nearby Wigan Waste Water Treatment Works site.

In the past, Ms Cooper has held many meetings, worked with residents and United Utilities to find ways that the water company can keep the smell to a minimum or warn nearby residents when an unavoidable smell is likely to occur.

This month, however, residents reported a ‘significant odour’ but received no prior notice from United Utilities. After they contacted the company’s chief executive, UU then issued an apology for not warning them of the routine cleaning works that caused the smell and ‘are now working to improve the situation’.

Rosie Cooper MP commented: “No one wants to have their day ruined by a foul smell surrounding their home. Without an early warning system ‘Parbold Pong’ causes even more problems for residents.

“I continue to push for United Utilities to keep their promises and to do everything in their power to keep the smells to a minimum. It is also critical that they can give residents fair warning when they expect there to be a bad odour.

“I am glad to hear that UU are meeting with the Parish Council, Environmental Health officers and the Environment Agency to work on a plan to collaboratively address these issues. This time let’s hope they keep to the plan and their promises.”

Residents who experience odour which they feel may be emanating from the Water Treatment site should call UU’s 24 hour contact centre on 0345 672 3723.

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